Why does the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) have screen mirroring features like the old one?

Why does the new Samsung A5 (2016) doesn't have mirroring screen feature like the old one? I already bought the phone, how could i connect my phone to projector? thx?

I think i found out how to screen mirroring, but i think is only work on Samsung TVs. Link:

Hello sir my phone is Samsung galaxy a52016

This mobile screen mirroring not a work how can to work plese tell me..

What the i bought exepensive cell and window mirroring is not working shame on samsung 

Plzzz reply mee for alternat this problem


Samsung say: you get a glass back, metal frame bumper and high expensive look. WE get out from phone miracast and there are no option to put inside back because electronic components are missing. Then you can never cast a youtube or online film from a5 2016

Samsung A5 2016 there is no screen mirroring . How to install . Weather in  Samsung  showroom they will install

i get samsung a5 2016 with no screen mirroring why and i wont a help 

I used to be able to connect my old A5 to my sony smart TV no problemo. Lost the phone, bought the A5 2016 and wow, what a huge dissapointment! What the fark, Samsung??? 

Guys the reason being that they want you to buy a more high end , pricier samsung smartphone.

I have A3 2016 and no mirroring. No good marketing for Samsung

I have new galaxy A5, without screen please solve this problem next update version.

My a5 2016 is able to project videos and photos to a samsung tv using quickconnect. Works great!

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