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Why does notification bar of Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime shows waiting for Wi-Fi?

Why does notification panel always shows female for english(India) waiting for Wi-Fi on redmi 2 prime. Even if I clear reappears after few seconds


It is not a bug. Looks like some voice pack is getting downloaded automatically over your wifi network. 
Goto Settings > Additional Settings > Language and Input > scroll down and select Text-to-speech output >
You will find a Setting icon infront of Google Text-to-Speech engine option.
Tap on that Icon > Click on Install Voice data
You will get a list of all languages.
Select Chinese (China) from the list
And Delete the Voice Set  that is shown as downloading
If you want you can re-download it. 

Coutesy: Anirudh @ theinformr

I think Wi-Fi is on and is trying to connect to a network that needs login. Have you tried turning off your Wi-Fi?

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