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Why does the ZTE Savvy shut down by itself then restart?

I had this phone since Dec. 2013 around Christmas, a couple of weeks after I gotten the phone it started to shut itself down and turning back on itself. I thought it was just straight talk updating the phone all the time. Sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. a couple of months ago it started to do so while I was texting and now a few weeks ago it will shut down while I am on the phone. I know it's not the battery, the battery been fully charged while it shut itself down and back on.

I too have had this problem. I'll be in the middle of anything and it shuts down and then powers up by its self a sec later.


I've been having the same problem. It does it about once a day, sometimes more. There's no reason for it that I can see

Hmm.. Did you install anything before that? Also, when it shuts off, does it back on by itself? Cause it may just be the battery not properly installed.

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