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Why does the Samsung Galaxy Gio say phone memory is low when it's not?

I have deleted many apps, photos, messages, call history and still there is no available space for incoming text messages. I have a 2GB SD card which is empty and the phone will not let me allocate any apps, messages etc on to the SD to make more room on the internal memory of the phone. what can I do to receive text messages again?

I have the same problem, i think i should buy new phone, i can't just fix this problem in my phone

That's the problem with Android, apps are usually installed in the internal memory and most apps can't be moved to the memory card unless you root your phone. If you have already uninstalled apps and deleted messages but the notification for low memory is still there, restart your phone then see if it's gone.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Y and this has been a usual problem for me. I just decided to root my phone as it was very easy. Once phone has been rooted, I just downloaded Link2SD from Google Play. That app can enable you to move installed apps from your internal memory to your memory card.

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