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Why does my Pantech Flex only connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi?

My pantech flex will not connect to the internet without being connected to wifi. Also my phone will not send or receive picture messages, can you help?

Are you on ATT networks? Mine had the same issue cause I am with T-Mobile.

tommy hughes

Why can't I get on the enter net on my phone and I do have a data plan

I have a data plan and mine won't send or receive pics or get on the Internet

So if you have a PANTECH Flex 8010 phone and don't have a data
Package you can not send or receive pictures. Is that correct? Please email me back as soon as possible Thankyou, SARAH

Mine is the same way and I do have a data plan. I can't open mass texts pic tyexts or get on the internet?

Hi Cory. Do you have data in your plan? If you don't, you won't be able to connect to the Internet unless there's Wi-Fi and you cannot also send or receive picture and video messages.

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