Why does my Motorola Moto G4 Plus restart automatically?

why does  my moto G4 plus is getting restarted automatically? its getting automatically restarted when doing some urgent work. please let me know any options other than factory reset and safe mode... that is not working? also  i see the same issue which was reported by thousands of guys in the reviews which is saw lately... please someone help me what to do to fix the issue?

Today, my Moto g4 plus also restart automatically for the very first time, i just  plug off the chaeger ,took the phone in hand, checked the battery level , it was at 68 % , and then it suddenly went off , i thought its screen locked but on the very next moment it got restarted...

I highly suggest that you take it back to the store where you bought it or to a Motorola authorized service center. A lot of people are experiencing the same problem, looks like a software issue. Has there been any update? 

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