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Why does my Kyocera Hydro keep freezing up?

Sometimes a phone will freeze/lock up if apps aren't cleaned. Also if u go out in the cold, it will cause it to freeze/lock up. I've had my Kyocera Hydo View for sometime & it has froze a few times on me, but it unfroze itself. Still working. It's a good phone & better than the ZTE Sonata2 I had.

Mine too it freezes on Facebook app and when I'm on wifi somewhere other than my home wifi. Its not that much of a pain but it's getting there...

I had 3 of them thinking it was the phone but all of them had the same results 😡. Bad phone in general because I can't go 20 min without my phone freezing up. The phone itself straight but it has baaaaad freezing. 

I have the new Kyocera only for 4 months and my phone is always slow, the minute I got it out of the box, it started to over heat and my phone will say 50% for the battery and when I get on it again like five minutes later, my phone battery will say different numbers, and my screen will dim all the Time.. please help????

My Kyocera Hydro WAVE freezes what happens is i turn it on it works fine for about five minutes then it freezes

mine just started doing the same thing. Hold the volume and the top button at the same time until it shuts down release the buttons and it will reboot on its own...its a pain but its better than waiting til the battery dies out

my phone freezes at any time and i have to let it die so i can use is the worst phone ive ever owned....its a piece of crap


My Kyocera is the worst. It glitches nonstop and I always have to delete things. This is the worst phone...EVER!!

Not to be a troll but this PHONE SUCKS! I am sooo sad that switched to this crappy device.

When I was deleting pictures from my Gallery my Kyocera Wave phone has frozen three times already. What can prevent this? There is no way to take the battery out.

Maybe its your recent apps try to keep them clear most of the time

I have the same problem I hate this phone my daughter wants one I don't think she'll be happy with it

Unfortunately these phones aren't the greatest. I've had a coupl3 sent off to Kyocera to find out what the issue is with the freezing constantly and they said there issues with the phone going into sleep mode on it'd own. I can't stand this phone!!

I have a Kyocera hydro and it will glitch and freeze 24-7 no matter what I'm doing it will freeze. Why

why does my Kyocera hydro keep freeing up and is slow

This is 2questions:
(1)-Ever since I recieved an "Amber Alert" Text, there has been a flashing red border on my phone. It was all the time, now it's only when I'm in my messages.
(2)- I received some pictures via text messages. I saved them to my gallery ablum(download folder). When my AVGcleaner ran those pics where gone. How do I got them back & how do I l
save/lock pics in my gallery w/o having to lock the incoming messsgrs w/pics. I'm afraid to erase those texts for fear of losing my pics again.


I don't believe it is caused because of an application the user installed, I have had the same problem with mine for at least a couple of months, and I have tried doing a factory reset hoping it was the same issue and had no success.

Hi Kyti. When did it start happening? You may need to remember what you did before your phone started freezing up and undo it. So if you installed an app, uninstall it then observe if your phone stops from freezing.

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