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Why does the Kyocera DuraForce keep restarting?

random shutdown and restart several times a day

Help me shell phone doing same thing,i can't on it

I'm with US Cellular. My phone just shuts off. Never restarts on its own. I have to plug it in, even with a 90% charge, to get it to power back on. I've hated this turd since the day I got it. Should have stuck with Samsung, but I didn't want to have to carry a suitcase to bringy phone everywhere.

Got mine two weeks ago and just started last night. Suspect overheating, as holding it up to an A/C lets it last longer. I'd install a battery temp monitor, but Play Store doesn't want to download anything. It's not an AT&T update AFAIK because I updated when I got it and there's nothing since then. Doesn't look like a rogue APK because I managed to install Avast and did a scan before it rebooted. I enabled encryption about a week ago, interested to see if anyone else is using encryption.

Mine restarts anytime I play media. SoundCloud, Pandora, Google play, YouTube, Facebook video feeds. Just traded in for a new one on warranty, and the new one does the same thing. :(

Mine does the same thing. Phone replaced by warranty, replacement does the same thing. Started after latest ATT update. ATT will not accept responsibility nor help.

It started happening to mine after I got the most recent at&t update

Dave Jackson
Dave Jackson

Mines doing the same thing an yrs it feels hot on the back

My apologies, I misread the specs thought it was removable.

Did you guys install anything before that started happening?
Nick D's answer can also be correct, when phone gets too hot Android shuts down the device automatically to prevent further damage to the hardware or components.

Mine also restarts randomly, and I've only had it since December as well. Is anyone else's usually hot when this happens? The only thing I can think of is that it is overheating because mine is usually quite warm to the touch.

Also got mine december 2014, also restarts randomly. Usually is very warm when this happens. Maybe overheating?

Eric C_38316

You can't open up the case of the Duraforce and see the battery. Another stupid answer from Carl P.

Hi guys! Can you check if the battery is perfectly placed? Maybe it moves at times that's why it randomly shuts off.

I have only had it since last December 2014

Mine randomly shuts off and restarts also. very random

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