Why does my Doro PhoneEasy 618 keep saying no memory?

About 10 days ago my Doro 618 started saying No Memory about once and hour precede by a single beep. It maintains charge well and everything works normally. No data is missing. It takes photos and uploads them. I cleaned out old text messages. What could be the cause?

I have a Doro smartphone.

I cannot download a taxi app or download anything. The message comes  


I will have to replace this phone which I bought because I AM AN ELDERLY PERSON

That's really odd. Can you please update us what happens after you use a microSD card?

As I first stated, I cleared the stored data. This time I cleared photos also. No change in 24 hours then it stopped doing the Boop! No Memory. Same thing all three times within a year. Must be a ghost in the machine. I ordered a MicroSD card and will see if that helps.

Hi Echosyn. Are you saving a lot of messages in your phone? That may be causing your phone to show 'No memory'.

Thanks. I am not computer literate. What does refresh mean and how is it done?

That did no work. Consumer Cellular did something at their end that corrected it. It happened again in November 2017. Same process with no explanation from them in spite of my asking why it happens. It happened again yesterday.  I did Master Reset, turned it off, removed battery, removed and reinstalled SIM card then turned on phone. It still says boop followed by No Memory. Phone still works but I have to redo all my settings each time.  GRRRRRRRR!!!  I'll call Consumer Cellular again.

Try to restart the phone after freeing up some space to refresh storage. Let me know how it goes.

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