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Why does Fido claim that they haven't received my payments?

Why does fido claim they haven't received payments when they have and i have bank statements to prove i have been paying

elaine hogan

I have a new expiration date for my visa credit card.
How do I contact by phone with this new information?

Dear, Derbygal

At such events it would be best to request a statement from your bank and have your bank stamp it for additional prove. Ones you get that contact Fido's Customer Support and tell them you got prove "statement" of payment. And tell them you can "fax" it to them so they can see that the payment was made, and what happen afterwards is none of your concern as you held up your client obligation to paying the bill.

I personally had Koodo Mobile go after me for a non existing tab on a phone I returned before the "14 day return period" as I needed a phone and was waiting for my iPhone to arrive from Apple. I had the return receipt which saved my life, as they told me they never got the device back and sticked $150 bill at me. Ones I faxed the receipt they left me alone.

Again get a copy with bank stamp, and fax it to them. Also assure all info for that Fido account were correct like account #, I had before miss-paid to a wrong non-existing Rogers internet account (never got my money back).

Hope this helps.

As long as you have the statements to prove your payment, you have nothing to worry about. Your payment probably hasn't been posted yet in their system. Contact Fido for clarification on your issue.

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