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Why won't data roaming switch turn on on my Huawei G8?

I have g8 model. When I turn on data roaming switch, it automatically gets turned off when I leave the screen. I can't use Internet in roaming network. I got pissed off this. Please help me out.


Had the same problem so contacted my carrier and was informed that this hand set will not accept data roaming any where. they deposited $25.00 into my account. So what is that going to do to fix the problem...........Nothing me thinks.


Hey Karan 

I am the one who posted this problem. I am still having same problem. If you get any solution please let me know. Got pissed of this.


I am having same prob in my huawei g8 . I am unable to use data in roaming. Data roaming option automatically gets does not stay on.  What should I do,pls help me out

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