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Why can't I hear the person calling unless I activate speakerphone on the Alcatel 768?

we just purchased a couple of phones from metro PCS. one of them was an alcutel 768. When we answer the phone the only way we can hear the person calling is if we turn on the speaker phone. Is there a way to get this phone to work right? When you buy a phone you expect to be able to hear the person calling without the whole world hearing the conversation too. We went back to the place we purchased it and they said we have to drive 75 miles one way to have a metro person look at the phone. Really! Why can't we get some answers. Is this company selling phones that don't work right? Please can someone help us get some real answer?

The earpiece of your Alcatel 768 probably has defects. I suggest that you take it back to the store where you bought it and have it replaced. Good luck!

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