Chantal Barrette

How to connect the Samsung Galaxy Q to the KIA Forte?

Why can't I connect my Galaxy Q with the bluetooth in My Kia Forte?

no list comes up for me to choose in range Bluetooth.
not sure what to do now. any suggestions

To pair your device with another Bluetooth device:
1. Verify Bluetooth is active.
2. From the Bluetooth settings page, tap Visible. Your device must be visible to successfully pair with an external device.
3. Tap Scan devices. Your device displays a list of discovered in-range Bluetooth devices.
4. Tap a device from the list to initiate pairing.
5. Enter the passkey or PIN code, if needed, and tap OK.
6. The external device must accept the connection and enter your device’s PIN code.

For Instructions for your car, check your car's user manual. Please note that pairing your phone with your vehicle may or may not work. Contact KIA to check phone compatibility.

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