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There's a white padlock on screen when making a call on my Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo. How can I get rid of it?

kerry hunter
kerry hunter

That white padlock comes up all the time! Even when I'm trying to get credit with a voucher and need to enter selections or numbers, the white lock keeps coming up and then I cannot continue to finalise credit!!!

white padlock on call screen .

how to get rid of that white padlock on the call screen of my Samsung galaxy S4 ???

I have the same problem. Has anyone ever resolved this?

I spoke with Samsung's Help Desk and Technology Division Office in Auckland, New Zealand, January 2014.

It would seem that Samsung's Personnel were not made aware that this particular brand lacked the features to disable the White Padlock which periodically appears during a phone conversation.

This leads me to conclude, that Samsung's Personnel at last here in New Zealand, are aware that some of their other brands have the ability to disable this function.

Samsung's standard advice is go the Settings function on your device, then to either:

* Display and reduce waiting time in the Screen Timeout
* Lock Screen, Screen Lock and Swipe.

However none of the features work on this Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo.

I believe that once every customer who intend on purchasing this device are aware of this shortcoming would avoid purchasing this item.

Quite frankly this is a nuisance and badly conceived especially when for example your phoning perhaps a number that requires you to push additional options, and the White Padlock continually appears.

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