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Which tablets have 8" 1920x1080 screen, Android, and removable batttery?

Hi again! I'm afraid all the specs you are looking for in a tablet would be hard to find, specially the removable battery part. USB-C would only be available for the recent tablet releases which most, if not all, have built-in batteries. I'm curious, why not resort to a Windows tablet?

Thanks for the Galaxy link, unfortunately I did not see at first where I could add details to my question, but there are other features I need... OTG is a must, which the Galaxy model suggested does not have, and if at all possible, I would much prefer a model with Android but running on an Intel processor so I could run Windows apps under an android convert app without having to resort to running Win10... uh... I did find models that had all I need, but they did not have removable batteries, and I do not see paying lots of money for a device whose life and utility is depending on a consumable part that cannot be easily bought and replaced. I lost a tablet al of a sudden because of a bad, soldered battery, and lost all the data on it...

I don't know why so many great tablets have soldered batteries nowadays, you would think that Samsung's debacle with the Galaxy 7 would have given a hint to manufacturers...

So I'm still looking, and hoping to find a tablet or phablet with a 7" or 8" inch screen with at least  800x1280 display resolution, OTG USB or USB-C, Android, Intel processor, and a removable battery..

Thanks very much for listing any brand/models that meet these specs!

You might want to check Samsung Galaxy Tab Active. It has 8" screen, Android 4.4, removable battery, water resistant, but only 800x1280 display resolution.

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