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Which smartphone is the most user friendly especially for a 56 year old businessman?

My employer says we need to be high-touch and high-tech for customers. I'm a slow learner so I'll have lots of questions on my own. Anyone know if one phone is definately easier for dinosaurs like me to use? I have a very plain phone now but need to move to one that can do it all.

Has anyone taken Blackberry or I-Phone courses in London Ontario and care to comment?

    Yeah, that's the tkeict, sir or ma'am

    The iOS is very user friendly, so I would suggest the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. There are a lot of available apps that you can use to help you with your business. A manual is available for these phones and you can always post your questions here if you need help with anything phone related.

    Also, I found some online training that can help you maximize the use of your smartphone.

    iPhone Training
    BlackBerry Training 1
    BlackBerry Training 2

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