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Jesse Just Costa

Where to replace a lost Public Mobile phone?

christopher vethanayagam

i lost / stolen from me , my public moblie phone 1 289 931 3645
in St.catharines , 3 days ago .
model xt1032 / black/noir
8gb type mode 6 28901808541 2
m3 t4 ce0168motorola 68017553031-bmoto g 68017551027-c
moto g 68017551028-a
sim 8912230000284809886

plaese help me find this phone , its somewhee in st.catherines ON , i have a doubt as once answered by the taker , he was in duke street , st.catherines , help please ,

Christopher vethanayagam , PIN 8989

Jesse Just Costa

I was told you could not obtain a SIM card because Public is currently in beta. What can I do to reobtain my plan with a new phone?

You are looking to replace your own lost phone Jesse? I believe Public Mobile will now accept any unlocked phone for use with a Public Mobile SIM card.

To confirm if a phone is compatible, you can enter your phone's IMEI number on the Public Mobile website.

"Remember, if your phone is locked to a specific carrier, you'll have to get it unlocked before you can use it."

Where to buy an unlocked phone? There are several online shops specializing in this or of course from eBay or from Amazon.

Hope that helps.

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