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Where to get Network Lock Control Key for the Samsung Galaxy S5830D?

I need a Network Lock Control Key for a Samsung Galaxy S5830D. Where do I get it? My daughter upgraded to this phone and decided later to go back to her old one. I thought I could use it so I had it unlocked by Global Unlock, and used it in the MTS network. Then my son reset the phone to remove her info and then it disconnected from the network and asks for a 'Network Lock Control Key'. Global Unlock says their unlock is permanent; MTS says it is a problem with the phone. Where do I get this 'key'?

I want to use this t mobil phone with my atat service

I need the network lock ontrol key how can I get just the number withought.any orher log in bull shit just the number please help me

hi im also looking for the same code if u can help

Hi Josie. The unlock code Global Unlock gave you should be the same as your Network Lock Control Key. Try that code. If that doesn't work, you may need to get service from another website offering unlocking service such as

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