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Where can you download the Siemens Data Suite?

I just got a Siemens M55 and want to sync it with Outlook on my PC. I found the USB driver software for a USB Sync cable on Siemens site but cannot seem to locate the "Data Suite". The manual says I have to buy it from their website but I can't find it.

Some stuff on the web says it comes with the USB cable but some says just the cable and a file transfer tool come together. I haven't bought the cable yet as I am trying to find a good source for buying it in Ontario.

Any suggestions people, I don't want to get the wrong cable and miss the software or pay for software I could download, etc....


Okay, I finally found it by following links on Siemens international page for customer care, etc...,2241,hq_en_0_21219_rArNrNrNrN_prodId%3A15758,00.html#PC%20Software%20and%20Drivers

I will post good or bad experiences here when I get my cable and try to sync the outlook data.


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