Where do I get a case or screen cover for Unimax u673c?

I can't find anything about the Unimax U673C cell phone.        

The lady at the VA said they would have them at walmart, but no luck.

I just saw screen protectors on Amazon for the unimax 671c and in the questions someone asked if it fits the 673c and the answer was yes.

I'm going to order them. If they fit I'll come back here and say so.

If they don't they can be trimmed I expect.

Should not be surprised by lack of accessories. This phone  (unimax u673c) is not sold commercially  to the general public. No company is going to make accessories for a phone if there is no money to be made. Going to a shop and trying on different cases , screen protectors is your best bet.

Several cases for u673c  if you google it what I need is a user complete manual

I just came across this, and I haven't yet tried to purchase a case, etc.  But it looks like mybat.com may have what we need



I am looking too....that's where I came across this page. I need a screen protector. I'm going to have to cut one to size

Assurance wireless said to go to the retail stores to see if one fits. I can't believe this is only 1 of 2 phones they offer & you can't find any of the accessories for it.

I have looked also. I think calling assurance wireless would be thing to do. They may be the only one that carries anything related to the unimax U673C

Tried looking for cases online and failed to find any. Have you tried visiting local cellphone stores to see if other phone's case will fit? If you are looking for a screen protector, I suggest buying a standard size screen protector then cut it to fit the phone.

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