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Where can I go online to check PC Mobile account balance?

if i buy say a 15 dollar top up card i would like to know my balance from time to time..

dennis fenske
dennis fenske

Why didn't PC mobile send me a bill on line ? Now my credit has been cancelled .....paperless ?????:

Harry Plummer

My phone was discontinued because you claim non payment despite having my Master Card number. I went to Superstore and the rep reinstated me. Why wasn't any payment made to my MC. I now have had to make a $168.00 payment. What happened???!!!

How can i put my account on a new pc phone

Hi Ron, this is Nina from PC Mobile. Please note that you can use PC mobile’s self serve options 24 hours a day. It lets you check your account balance and expiry date plus add funds, features and more. Just dial #PCMO(#7266) free from your PC mobile or 1-877-284-6361 from any other phone and follow the voice prompts. You can also text the letter "m" to PCSMS(72767) or if you have a data feature you can use your PC mobile's browser and click the "self-serve" link.

Hope this helps! Thanks.

You can't check your account balance through the PC Mobile website. To check the balance on your PC mobile account, you call them and follow the automated prompts or speak with a Customer Service representative who can look into your account details.

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