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Where can I download Alcatel's PC Suite?

Worker bee

We just got 8 new alcatel a392a flip phones. All our previous phones had a phone book that we synchronized with Motorola phone tools, there are over 500 contacts.
Needless to say, i do not want to program even one of these manually - is there a way to do so using a software product?
I understand I could do this manually entering into one phone's sim card, then swap from phone to phone, but 500+ contact!
Have usb cable, have looked at the pc suite software, but these are not android phones(that would be too easy)
USB drivers?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think what you are looking for is the one which Alcatel call One Touch Center. Go to Alcatel One Touch Hero page here in The Informr > scroll down, look for Official Website. Once you're on the official website, click support, you be able to see the download link there.

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