Where can I get a replacement battery for my Umx U683CL phone

Assurance Wireless is being paid by the Lifeline phone program and PROVIDING JUNK PHONES TO PEOPLE  !  someone needs to AUDIT this company and FORCE THEM TO PROVIDE PHONES THAT WORK ! THIS IS A LIFELINE PHONE !!!!!   

William Crow
William Crow

The correct battery is UMX ChinoBATT01. The ANS Part # L001BATT is a direct substitute. Both are 2000 mAh lithium ion 3.8V. Both should be available from Assurance Wireless and Amazon.

This is worrisome...I just got my UMX from Assurance the other day and the battery is bad in it. Brand new phone with bad battery. Not a good sign. It will not charge at all and my phone is useless as of now. I even tried an external charger to no avail. Multimeter reads 0.00 volts on this thing after an entire day charging in the phone with a good charger cable plugged into a working wall plug and 6 hours on the external battery charger. I got nothing. No signs of life. Must be poorly made. 

Had same problem finding this battery contacted Assurance Wireless and they're sending me a battery u673c that came with a previous model, but it's not the same mAh as u683cl. U683cl is a 2000mah and the other is 1650mah! Pretty bad when you can't get the right battery for the right phone!

Hi Melody.  I'm sorry I tried searching online but can't find any. Have you tried contacting the store where you bought the phone? I'm sure they can help you get a battery replacement.

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