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Where to get charging cable for my phone?

Recently the cable which connects my recharger to the phone developed a split in the outer sheath. The light on the recharger goes on, but the battery fails to recharge. Also the charging icon doesn't appear in the phone window. I'm assuming the cable is bad. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks for the answer. The problem I have is that the USB slots on charge cables come in different sizes. The phone I'm asking about is a Social BP 103. I happen to also have an older Social phone (BP 100, I think) but the charge cable for that will not work on my BP 103 because of different slot sizes on the respective phones. Any other suggestions? Can I buy the proper cable somewhere? Thanks.

Hi Gene! Which cellphone are you using? Check the charging port, if it's a microUSB slot, you can use any cable for that.

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