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Jeremy Solvik

Where can I get a case for the ZTE Majesty? has many different cases but they are more expensive than ebay or amazon.

Great News! You can order very affordable and quality covers for ZTE Majesty at They have black, blue, red, and white for $4.99 and soon to have bundles.

I just bought the zte majesty last week. Looked all over internet for a case and saw that people were saying the case for the zte source fits perfectly. So I ordered one from for $2 and got it yesterday..they were right. The zte source case fits perfectly on the zte majesty..even has all the correct holes for the power button..charger port..headphone jack..speaker for front and back..volume.. and camera and flash! Its an exact order a case for the zte source for your zte majesty. They have 100's of them for under $10 on

Body Glove for s2 fits around phone however covers 2 ports , head phone jack anf charging, this is only a small incovienience as I droped it on its corner and saved screen, I guess if yur handy, u can modify. Only 19.00 bucks at Wally World

I bought a zte warp gel skin and used a razor blade to cut new ports. It's not pretty, but it does the job and is--- Oh so thrifty!

I have a new majesty phone. Nobody has these cases yet, BUT I discovered the ZTE Force phone has the same exact dimensions (5.3 x 2.6 x 0.4 in) but I am not sure how the port holes line up.


I saw on another blog that a seller on ebay should be carrying them soon. I don't think skins are available for this phone yet The online sellers only carry the leather case for this phone right now ( October 2013).

Hi Jeremy. Check out the online sellers listed here in our website for accessories for your phone. Go to the ZTE Majesty page to see them.

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