Where can I download the Samsung Galaxy Discover instruction manual?

We've got you covered! A link to download a free PDF copy of the Samsung Galaxy Discover manual is available on the Samsung Galaxy Discover product page here on our website.

Where do I get a instruction manual that tells you how to operate this phone?

sure, if you want a new tool bar - where do you find the instruction booklet without that hassle?

whats keeping my phone from getting internet connection , is there a setting I don't know about.. ?????? We put siim card in from another phone , it works to call an receive calls but no internet connection can be established .. it says no. Internet connection what is it I have to do in settings???????

Trevor Sosnowsky
Trevor Sosnowsky

How do I take a picture of my screen as I surf the internet or play a game on the phone. I did it by accident a few times and it saves the screen at that time to my photo and screen saver gallery how did I do this can you please tell me?

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