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Frank Merfort

Where can I buy Alcatel 1X 2020 case?

I cannot seem to find one online. 

It might be better to check some online stores because it will be tough to find a case for such a rare phone in physical shops. Make sure that you get the measurements of your phone because online shopping is great but it has some weaknesses. Having the wrong fit for the phone will be bad for you as you want everything to be good especially with the overall aesthetic and protection for you phone.

Frank Merfort
Frank Merfort

I ended up buying a case that is meant for the Alcatel 1SE 2020. The cut out for the camera is slightly longer because the Alcatel 1SE has three cameras instead of two. It also has a centre circle cut out for our fingerprint ID which the Alcatel 1X does not have. I’m not too concerned about this.Both of these phones are the same size. I am hoping it’ll fit my cell phone.

I am trying to get a case for 4 months. I kept calling cell phone stores (Freedom, Bell) and they have no case. I contacted manufacturer and they have no case either. I suspect it is not available online because they do not have this phone in the States. I only found it on Alibaba where you can order them by 1000s. 

Hi Frank. Wow, I did try to find any and can't find one that's for Alcatel 1X (2020). What I'm finding is universal wallet cases. Have you tried asking the store where you bought the phone?

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