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Can anyone provide information on phones with built-in mp3 players?

Can anybody tell me when the new phones are coming out? I'm really just looking for a phone with a built in mp3 player. They have them overseas, but I can't seem to find one here (other than the high end PDA's and the N-Gage).

Can I buy a phone from Europe and use it here? A friend mentioned to me that it's as easy as changing the memory card in the phone. Where can I learn more about this?

Thanks for your help.

impact wireless guy we dont want your ads on this web page we come here to ask questions not to buy ur stuff

Call this number and they will help program some features.


I had no problem getting the Nokia 7610 to use the GPRS features, they are some features that won't work, but they are very small in detail not to worry about.

Ask Rogers for the program settings for the Data portion of the phone.

We sell many unlocked GSM phones at, our site is currently going through a overhaul.


I've bought this new nokia 7610 froma dealer in new York to use it with my Rogers line. The phone works just fine but there is no GPRS access for it. Both Nokia Canada and US were unable to set it up. The network provider doesn't give you much support for the details either.

I'm one of the frustrated customers who can't be patient anymore to see those lazzy a$$ service providers to bring new phones where as europe is a light year ahead of north America. So I've purchased one phone. Apprently the seller has bought them from overseas and end result, it is not working here in Canada properly. Maybe it will after we have these new models so that they can update their network. It is pretty much driving a Ferrari in city.

Oh well, I'll use the other functions of the phone. It is still a very nice phone. It'll be at least christmas time until Rogers bring the new ones and that is if they do so!!!

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