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When will Lollipop update be available for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime in the UK?

When will Lollipop be released for galaxy core prime in the  uk?

So i emailed Samsung uk the other day to find out any info about the lollipop update coming the the UK version of the Galaxy Core Prime and the replied to me today saying this [In regard to your recent email, unfortunately there has been no announcement on whether the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime will receive the Android Lollipop update.] So apparently according to sammy uk they haven't released the lollipop update for the SM-G360F. Yet clearly lollipop has been released in poland for it. Whats going on???? why ain't it available to update it on the uk verisons???

Yeah i hope so to, all my other devices has it but not the Core Prime.

No news when Core Prime users in the UK will receive the Lollipop update. I'm a Core Prime user from the Philippines. I'm also eagerly waiting for the Lollipop update. I hope it reaches us soon.

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