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When will Panasonic Eluga Icon get Lollipop update?

No kitkat update no lollipop....why???

How to update Panasonic eluga icon?

I want my phone new update version...


I want system update

Updated the version eluga icon

Send mail to pansonic service to request for lollipop any mail so to be relisted lollipop

I want lollipop version

how to formating my eluga icon phone ? the softwear is damege by vires

I checks many time for update in these Panasonic eluga.. But every time I see the same solution "your phone is already updated as new version "I hate to see that ,I need an update officially

If there is no official update of lollipop for eluga icon, then please say the way to update it manually? Please do it...

Hi,Iam using panasonic eluga icon kitkat version.And when i can get lollipop version sir ...

when will u update Panasonic eluga icon to lollipop

When I will update lollipop in my Panasonic eluga icon

akshay bhandari
akshay bhandari

My Panasonic eluga I con update to lalipop

How to update new version for Panasonic eluga icon

no newer

baljit singh
baljit singh

I want lillopop version

Vishnu gupta
Vishnu gupta

I am update my Panasonic eluga icon

Panasonic eluga icon lollipop update..??

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