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How to fix error code 805a8011 when installing WhatsApp on the Nokia Lumia 730?

When l install WhatsApp  i  always showing error code 805a8011 in my Nokia Lumia 730 ?

Here are some methods to fix Error Code 805a8011 in Windows Phones:

Method 1:
This Problem is mostly caused by “LOW STORAGE” space on your phone.
Delete some Photos, Music or Videos to make some space.

Method 2:
Try to manually synchronize your Microsoft account:
- Go to “Settings”.
- Tap on “email + accounts”.
- Tap and hold on “Microsoft account“.
- Tap on “Synchronize“.

Method 3:
- At first, connect you windows mobile device to a Wi-Fi or internet data.
- Go to and create a new Microsoft Live account.
- Now, open “Settings“. Tap on “Emails + Accounts“.
- Now, Tap on Add “email“.
- Now, select Microsoft account and type your Microsoft account’s credentials (Username and Password).

Method 4:
Reset the phone

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