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meet chauhan

Why won't Facebook icon appear on the Lenovo A6000 after upgrading?

When i upgrade lenovo a6000 my facebook icon is not appear in dekstop?

Please install Nova launcher and applay then Facebook app will appear.

Download the i launcher app, u will get there

Hi,even I do have the same problem after upgrading .my sim 2 often will deactivate on its own ..

dont know the permanent soloution but for short term go to play store & my app= facebook = open & simply use it

On updating to the lolipop the 2nd sim don't get any calls

Check Apps > All tab > check if Facebook is still there. It may have been accidentally uninstalled. Simply install it again.

I have the same problem, there is no facebook icon.I have uninstalled and installed it again for twice, just to get it in vain.
Any body out there has any solution? I will do appreciate it.

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