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How to send picture message to an email without getting image too large error on ZTE Majesty?

I send a text to my co-workers every weekday morning. I like to add a small "Good Morning!" picture.
My phone says it resized the picture but it won't send it. I cropped the picture but it still says its too large.

I can send any size of picture on the default Messaging app but not a Messaging app that I download for android. Handscent would not send the picture either. The Messaging apps say they are re-sizing it but I guess they never do. I can't figure out why the default Messaging app that came on the phone will send a pic but not an app I download. The size of the picture is 28kb.

Dawter, it may have been possible to send pictures without problems on your old Nokia E71 but are you also on the same carrier now as you were then? From my research, I've found that carrier-imposed limits on image size for SMS/MMS also factors into things. Out of all the apps you mentioned, Handcent is the one that is known for being the easiest to use when it comes to sending pictures, mainly because it resizes them automatically. One thing I can suggest to you right now is to try using the stock Messaging app. Let me know if that helps any!

Hi David, thank you for your reply. On my old Nokia E71 phone I could send a huge desktop wallpaper from my computer to phone then from my phone to another cell phone and the phonewould resize it.
Yes, I did try resizing the picture, also tried a different picture, also downloaded an app to make the size smaller. I couldn't get anything to go through.
The SMS apps I tried are Hello, Chomp and Handscent. None would send a picture to an email address.

Hi Dawter, is there a way for you to find out the maximum image size or resolution allowed for e-mails? And how big is the picture you are trying to attach? It's possible that the error is actually being caused by your e-mail servers, which have impose the limits on the size or resolution of permissible images for sending. Have you considered using a different picture entirely? One that is much smaller not only in terms of resolution but also actual size in terms of kilobytes.

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