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Robert crooks

Why won't Nokia Lumia 635 upload photos?

When I take a photo on my lumia 635 it does not upload properly on a personal website facebook...ect?

I can attach photos to a message and send them and receive them but the problem is, I get messages that tell me I can not send picture messages or receive them. When I try to post a picture to something like facebook I am also told I can not upload pictures..

Oh cool! This will be helpful to others! Thanks Robert!

Robert crooks

Thanks for your comment Carl. I sorted it out myself. On most sites where you can upload a profile photo, the aspect ratio will be 1:1 square. So open your camera in Lumia camera take your photo. Tap photos and check how it looks, Tap open in Lumia camera, Tap the little square box which changes the aspect ratio save it at 1:1, (square) and you can upload your perfect profile photo..

Does it show an error or something? Make sure you have a stable internet connection to be able to upload.

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