Why am I not getting notifications from WhatsApp in Lenovo A6000?

Not getting notification on WhatsApp. Only getting msgs when open that application


Lenovo is worst phone Ive ever used

Tray turn off  "developer options" from settings, it solves my problem

Go to settings>sounds and notifications and be sure that notifications are not muted

Go to security>speed>auto start management>then auto start apps you want

this is possible.. please go to

power manger-> background app management-> unrestricted "whats App"

successfully changed the problem.. 

Lenovo software is the worst i have ever come across i am going to root it and change the ui but the hardware is awesome..

Hi guys, I had the same problem as you, my Lenovo A6010 delayed messages from whatsapp, viber, mails from GMail App... Basically every notification possible.. My solution was to turn off auto brightness (when you scroll down and see all the options, don't put your brightness on auto, put manually the level of brightnes as you desire). My conclusion was that, even though in options power saving mode(or whatever it name is) is off, auto brightness phone also sees as some kind of power saving mode and stops showing/recieving notifications until you start the app. I tried all of your solutions above and none of it was helping me until I tried this. When auto brightness is off it works as it should (even when app in problem is not running in the background). I assume there is a solution for making it works properly with auto brightness on but for now I haven't found it yet.

Ensure your phone is not on charging while using whatsapp web.If you are using any kind of aap lock.Just lock/Unlock whatsaap again.Re select the whatsaap notification tones.In my case its works by doing this.

Go to settings -system-power management-background app manager -tick in box for auto starting an app which results in auto reception of what's app and other app notifications

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