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Why does the Alcatel One Touch Fierce hang up?

What's wrong with my it hangs up as soon as it connected Alcatel one touch?

I have same problem with my alcatel pop c 1 hanged foe several times now since morning up to this time. I think what i can say these type of alcatel r not good types of fones at all better nokia or sumsung .
It drains power too fast also it is just a hectic fone i hate it

Hmm... Check your voicemail, I think the call goes there. If I'm correct, I suggest contacting your carrier and tell them to increase number of rings before a call goes to voicemail.

I have the same problem. Many times when I try to answer the phone it will hang up instead. Does not freeze; hangs up. I would guess it's close to half the time. Seems to be more often when I answer immediately than when I let it ring a few times

hangs up a call or your phone freezes? Please verify and provide more info to the problem.

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