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What's the difference between the Virgin Mobile SuperTab and 3-year plan?

What is better:
going on a 3 year plan?
or a 3 year tab?

You can only put up to $150 to your Koodo tab. The amount you put on the tab will be taken off the retail price of the phone you'll be getting. Every time you pay your bill, 10% of the amount you paid will be taken off your Koodo tab. Once your tab has been settled, your free to go with another provider if you wish to do so.

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Does putting a 500 tab on the Super Tab Plan mean I have to pay $500 up front? Is the 10% an extra charge that's put on the monthly bill?

With a 3 year plan you're locked-in to a contract. If ever you decide to leave, you need to pay the cancellation fee which is $100.00 or $20.00 per month for each month remaining in the contract to a maximum of $400.00, whichever is greater. With the SuperTab, there is no contract required. You just have to pay the remaining balance you have in your Tab if you decide to leave.

Also with the SuperTab, every month, they take 10% of your bill and use it to pay off your Virgin Mobile SuperTab. Once you've paid your balance off, you're free to leave or you can keep banking monthly to use towards a new phone.

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