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What to do when you forget unlock code for Nokia Lumia 925?

My daughter has a nokia 925 and has forgotten her unlock code. Everytime I enter it it says try in so many minutes and doubles each time. I have contacted my service provider who said it should after 10 attempts ask me for a puk code and reset pin which t

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Steps to hard reset your phone:
1. Switch off your phone.
2. Next press and hold together Power button + Volume down
3. Release Buttons when device will vibrate.
4. When you will see exclamation mark press this sequence of keys: Volume Up -> Volume Down -> Power button -> Volume Down
5. Device should now restart. 
6. Done, you can now use properly your device. source 

I think you are referring to phone lock and not SIM lock which you're service provider was referring to as they mentioned PUK code. I just had someone personally ask me for help when she forgot her Lumia's lock code. So unless you can try to remember the phone's lock code, there might be no other option but to hard reset your phone.

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