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What to do when the Alcatel One Touch Idol prompts 'low memory'?

it would sometimes prompt me an error message of "low memory" then the app im crrently using will auto shut down. i keep checking my internal and external memory space and it is still ok :( can someone assist me with this? tysm!:-)

Im not here to answer questions but i need help with something like this aswell. I have the Alcatel one touch t'pop and the phone memory is pretty low, ive had to delete apps i love. As this is my first smartphone, i want the best possible experience:( Unfortunately its not going so great. I had this phone for christmas and bought a SD card for it, with alot of memory on! My apps will not move to the sd card, and i dont know why?, If someone could help me i will be blessed and pleased:) Thank you.

Hi Mari. Your phone could be running low on memory (RAM) not the internal or external storage. Maybe you have a lot of apps running in the background causing your phone to run low on memory. Close those apps and your phone should be okay.

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