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What to do if Samsung Galaxy A7 hang?

I have samsung galaxy A7 2016 model, hanging issue,all application in screen not moving.

my galaxy A7 shuts down after a low battery. but it won't turn on again. can you please tell me wha to do?

simultaneously press Power and Down Volume key for 7 second and more n your phone will get restart

My mobile work slow and hang


hi, i have galaxy a7 , there is hanging issue, i have tried above method so many times and after that my phone restart every time but again touch screen not working . what can i do , pl help

hello sir my phoon update 100% but open some time off,, open&off please help me

Husbands phone is locked on Samsung Galaxy A7 screen, tried all of the above it buzzes but doesn't go any further. Does anyone have any ideas

Thanks a lot Ali!!! It worked

It worked. Thanks for the information.

thanks Darren_23716 . your adviceis ok.

Thanks.Darren!!! Ur advice helped me..

Whatto do if my a7 is hanging up with contact log

rajdeep singh
rajdeep singh
hey guys,mine a7 not responding from 2 hours.your tricks make my day.thanks alot guys

Darren_23716 thanks darren your trick did worked for me.

Thnx Marko, it's working now

My phone blacked out and after holding the power button+lower volume button, my phone still won't come to life

my a7 is showing a black screen not turning on at all. ive been looking at Instagram at 45%. now i charged it but still no hope. a couple of days ago, I downloaded minecraft from mobogenie .could that be the issue?


lover volume + power button long press..

now ok

Press and Hold Volume Button and Main Function Button simultaneously until phone restarts..

Try Key Combination As follows ->

Increase Volume Button and Main Function Button.
Decrease Volume Button and Main Function Button.

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