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What to do if Xiaomi Redmi 1S is stuck in recovery mode?

My xiaomi redmi 1s screen shows mi recovery screen whenever is switch on my phone. It happens after I tried to install miui 6

Sir phone is stuck in recovery mode then how you can be able to process file manager to copy rom miui5 to internal memory. Tell us please how to fastboot

I update my smart phone and reboot automatically, but stucked. No display while power ON . Sir, How to recover my phone in normal condition ?

I update my smart phone xiaomi Redmi 1S and reboot automatically, but stuck and no display. Sir, How to recover this problem ?


Hi sir my phone is redmi 1s update but I'm not interested this version pls help me old version

I want to root it through recovery but when I flash root file it says unable to flash error in signature what to do ?


My update for Redmi 1s got stuck and I was asked to choose to reboot the system or unzip the files. I chose reboot the system and my phone got stuck. The phone started however a dialog box keeps appearing suggesting me to send the report to MIUI. Be it send the report or touch on cancel, the dialogue box keeps appearing again and again and my phone is of no use. Please help me.

my phone is not connecting to computer in fastboot mode

if i didn't rename miui 5 to before, how to get my phone back to normal mode, not in recovery mode again? please help me

Did the phone restart?

If no, then there is only one option - ese fastboot method to flash this rom.

If yes, then Restart phone.
>first Backup your device .
>download MIUI 5 ROM - rename it to and put it to internal memory (root Directory of sd card) for secure options of falshing. Bcoz sometimes device brick.
>download MIUI 6 ROM put it anywhere in sdcard. Do not rename it.
> open updater app
> tap on options
> select update package
> choose miui 6 rom zip
> tap update
> reboot device automatically
Now you are on MIUI6.

If you get some error during this flashing processing. And device not start . or restart to recovery mode then
-select language English by volume button select by power button.
-install which is first i tell to put miui 5 rom ( ) in sdcard.
-wait until it finish.
- device restart and you are on MIUI 5 .

Make sure that you are put MIUI5 (renamed ) on your inaternal memory. Bcoz i firstly tell sometimes device brick while falshing .and this is option to recover your device to MIUI 5 .

NOTE: Do this at your own risk.

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My Redmi 1s stuck on MI Recovery Mode, please guide me how to start it.


vijay parkar

My phone stuck on MI RECOVERY mode and not start. Please guide me.


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