What phone to get under 400€?

Back story:

My last phone was LG G4. I don't have any complains about it, just that it doesn't work anymore. (The repair shop say that main memory chip have broken down.)

What I liked the most about it:

Camera - I mainly got this phone for the camera. I wanted something quit good to take pictures. I am not professional, just for my hobby. I really liked manual mode to play with and the quality was good for me.

Dual SIM card - since I am traveling a lot it was handy to use my main card and to just get a cheap local one.

SD card slot - since I like taking a lot pictures to have more space for them. And that is what saved them all when the phone broke.

Hi Gabija! Visit Huawei Honor 10 page here in The Informr. Check out the reviews. Looking at the specs and reviews though, I think that's a great phone I would probably buy as well, that phone is really beautiful. How about you add your own review for Huawei Honor 10? Hope to read one from you soon.

Thank you for all your suggestions.

In the end I decided to choose — HONOR 10.

If anyone thinks it's a bad choice try to change my mind as I have a few days left until I get the phone.

I just found out Essential Phone is $249.99 on Amazon Prime Day. It doesn't have a microSD slot though but for the price, it's bang for the buck.

You might also want to check Asus ZenFone 5. Hope that helps! Let us know which phone you buy. Would be interesting to read a review from you. :)

Hi Gabija. Check out LG G6, it has everything you're looking for and since you previously used LG G4, I think you'll enjoy the improvements.

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