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What phone has 120 hertz

So I'm looking for a new phone. I have the S10+, but with newer phone screen tech, like higher refresh rate, and since I game at more than 90 on my PC, I'd like to get a phone with 90 or 120hrz. I also would love it if the phone comes with an SD card slot. The phone I'm thinking of is the S20 Ultra 5G. Will that be good for another 2 years when I'm due for an upgrade again? Probably end of 2023? Samsung doesn't like to update their phones after 2 years except for security updates, and keeping that in mind, o know my s10 won't get android 12 update, but the S20 should since it was released last year? I just want a phone with high refresh rate, great Snapdragon processor for some heavy gaming, and SD slot. Don't care for headphone jack since I'm always using my Bluetooth earbuds. Thanks so much

    Hi Carter. No doubt with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.  I think you will be fine even after 2 years with the phone.

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