What other phone case is compatible with ZTE Citrine?

What other phone model case can i use on my  Model Z716BL Tracfone?

Released in March. So it is a new phone. I got one too but seams they are holding back because it is a low end device too.

I've looked everywhere and can not find a case for this phone. Please if anyone does find a place that has cases for the ZTE Citrine lets us know. Is the phone to new to have cases for it?

Amazon.com has a seller that will have cases for the ZTE Citrine in stock on August 31st. There are no other cases to my knowledge that will fit this phone. Walmart has a couple Body Glove cases in black and purple showing up but it says the items are no longer available - willing to bet these are 'place cards' for when the products become available for purchase.

It is best that you visit nearby cellphone shops and bring your phone to try different cases. Hope you find one that fits your phone. Good luck!

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