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What is the Public Mobile contact number?

I have  a public mobility phone plan and need to speak to a live person.  Can anyone supply a number to reach a live person to talk to ?

hi I have a million questions first it's been awhile but a friend of mine walked in and handed me a phone and a told me it was mine... and it had my number ... he was able to walk in and transfer my whole line to another phone without knowing any of my personal information.... second someone stole my phone and I know all they have to do is buy a voucher and they can use it... and I can't even get o the sign in page for my account... plz email me thanks

i have some issue with my phone i want talk with customerservice people

hi gues, i have probleme whith my plans loading. in fact i recieved message by public on 31,mars ,2016 telling me that my plans will be end tomorow , in the same date i loaded my plans whith 20 dollars and received the message informed me that my balance is 20 dollars. the probleme that i can't calling and recieiving , and the voice mail box informe me that a did'nt renew my plans. im actually whitout cell im looking for public mobile phone number to asking to customer service i did'nt found it. i meed your help thank you

Kavicki Ferenc
Kavicki Ferenc

I paid yeaterday and to day $ 10.00 twice on my prepaid public phone but before that i had a balance over $10.00 and when i bough $ 10.00 prepaid on my phone you told me i only had one dollar balance luckyly i bough $10 more dollar to day I like to know where do i stand now with my phone

desiree rangel

hello, i need to speak to someone from public mobile i need to recuperer my account fron there my phone number

Hi to whom it may concern: Made a mistake with my phone , my daughter was trying to put money on my pay as you go and instead used my public mobile cellphone some how my account was discontinue and you guys send my payment back for this month, I would like to have my activated everything to stay the same to be direct payment the same way.

Gloria Pereira

How do I lock my lost or stolen Blackberry so no stranger can use it to get my personal information?

How do I stop payments (from my credit card) until I recover my old cell or I get a new one?

no you can not they took it out and left only an e-mail

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