What is the contact number of Koodo Mobile?

what is the office phone number?

My phone bill is terribly high despite not using it much. I have free calling to India  and I never crossed the limit. I am a student and I most definitely cannot afford to pay that bill. I tried contacting the customer service since three days but the phone just kept ringing. It is highly disappointing. I made at least 30 calls just to reach an operator so that I can talk to him/her about my concern. This feels terrible. 

We have contact information for Koodo here on our Koodo reviews / carrier information page. If you want to get some from Koodo on the phone, you can call 611 from your Koodo mobile or ring them toll free. The number is 1-866-995-6636.

Hello , I keep getting these annoying calls from B.C., Quebec and Ontario . I think they are somehow using my data without my permission .I have put them all onto the call rejection list , but they keep calling . Should I report them to the Police ??

I have been trying to pay my bill for the last month and always get disconnected or your website is down. So frustrating and disappointed. I will be charged extra for being late!!!The service is just getting worse. How does anybody reach you by telephone. Tried many times but no success...

gaetan boudreau
gaetan boudreau

I don't get , my plan got renew in March the 2 or 3 , were the 1 of April and my service has been ssuspended like wtf man , tthe service is suppose to be for a month not 2,3 days short .

How can I contact Koodo from Overseas - I live in the UK.

jack breaton
jack breaton

On Dec.29, Ipurchased your 30 day unlmited talk/teext by texting 30TNT to 4545. I have been using this feature until today. Ihave been dropped from the network. My attempts to register on the AT&T mobile network have not been successful. ? I am now without a phone. Please advise.

Hi,i need to know how to find out how to find out what my password is for my voice mail.I forgot it.Thank-you.

My phone usage is skyrocketing altho I am not using anything. I log in and my phone automatically will go to camera, or playstore or games I have never heard of. Where can I take this junk to have it looked at?

going to Las Vegas and would I get a signal for a text

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