What is the contact number of Koodo Mobile?

what is the office phone number?

Below are links for both Koodo Mobile contact information and store locator, which can provide you with numbers for Koodo shops and retail partners.

Koodo Mobile contact information
Store Locator

Hi John. I sincerely apologize as I'm responsible for moderating your question. My mistake, but I was not in any way trying to mislead anyone. What I offered were other Koodo numbers, which you can call and hopefully they should be able to provide you with their office number.

Also, since Koodo Mobile is the division of Telus, which operates under the "Koodo Mobile" business name, you can call Telus and they could also help you with your concerns. Here are Telus office phone numbers:

Canada toll-free: 1-866-558-2273
Eastern Quebec: 1-800-463-8988
Vancouver: 604-291-2355
Calgary: 403-387-5825
Toronto: 416-279-2532

You can also check Koodo Mobile reviews and Telus reviews as people post contacts there sometimes. Again I apologize and I hope to have the chance to help you out again.

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What are the hours of operation when you can talk to an agent?

******* Best #!!! A real live human being will speak with you!!!!

going to Las Vegas and would I get a signal for a text

My phone usage is skyrocketing altho I am not using anything. I log in and my phone automatically will go to camera, or playstore or games I have never heard of. Where can I take this junk to have it looked at?

Hi,i need to know how to find out how to find out what my password is for my voice mail.I forgot it.Thank-you.

jack breaton
jack breaton

On Dec.29, Ipurchased your 30 day unlmited talk/teext by texting 30TNT to 4545. I have been using this feature until today. Ihave been dropped from the network. My attempts to register on the AT&T mobile network have not been successful. ? I am now without a phone. Please advise.

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