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What is the new $15 plan to use Wind Mobile in the US?

There is a new promotion and they say it is $15 to use my wind phone in the US.

This is basically a $15/month add-on that will give customers unlimited data, talk and text across the United States. This new “Unlimited U.S. Roaming” add-on officially started on February 3rd and is open to new and existing customers.

If you’re heading to the States, WIND has set up roaming agreements with several large US-based carriers. WIND also confirmed that the add-on can be purchased one month at a time and there is no minimum monthly plan needed, just that data needs to included.

This new add-on gives customers the freedom to stay connected to their world while travelling. Consumers will be able to use their smartphone however they like, without limits: check maps if they get lost; update Facebook and Twitter; send photos of their trip; check the local weather – and all for only $15 a month. No more headaches, no more surprises.

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