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amandeep singh

What is the Mobilicity customer service number?

I need puk number unlook my sim card

Phone is blocked and it is asking for a puk number with 9 didgits

My long distance call are not going though. I already pay my bill

paveen kumar

sir,your mobilicity network problem.i have mobilicity sim and samsung mobile phone.after every two or three day i made a call *611 for my phone network problem.but this problem is not solve.we are giving bill 47.27cent at same date.
your network is not good.

I have a Nokia cell phone and my
ringer alert does not work for incoming calls In other words, I have no way of knowing when someone is calling me. My phone is about 14 months old. It was purchased at a Mobilicity store on Robson Street in Vancouver. Please inform me what I must do to get this problem solved as I have already contacted a Mobilicity outlet in New Westminster that was no help in solution.

My calls are not going to India .please check with the problem and I already pay my monthly bill.thanks

Hi , i have a cellphone and yr service as well almost 6 weeks now and i don't understand since this morning we i can't make a call even receiving anymore , but i have payed and my date of payment is 15th so can you please tell me what wrong is it?? my mobilicity celphone nu,mber is 613 712209

Thank you

i receive ur message if i pay my payment 3 days before my due date i get $20 dollar where can i get

Zahurul Kamal
Zahurul Kamal

no out going call,although I've automatic monthly payment contract

rajinder singh
rajinder singh

Sir, my call is not going to India pl check this problem. Thank you

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