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Mike S_29814

What is the difference between the Doro PhoneEasy 611 and Doro PhoneEasy 612?

how do i delete phone nombers on doro 611 easyphone?

josephine ellwood
josephine ellwood

doro easy phone 611 green light wont stop flashing how do I activate my voicemail

We have a Doro 611 and a Motorola both on Tesco pay as you go. If we are close together and I ring the Doro it behaves as normal but if I am 5 miles away the Doro rings twice and then nothing. This has also happened when someone else rang the Doro. So it looks like the fault lies with the Doro. Has anyone got any ideas as to what is happening?

i have a doro 611 it shows voicemail off but how do i turn it on

Mike S_29814

On my DORO 611 I can't find how to listen to a recorded message left as a 'Missed Call'
The only options are: view, delete, and delete all. When I open VIEW all it gives me the is information regarding the caller's name, number, date, and time.
Nowhere is there an option ot allow me to listen to the recorded message (would that be 'Voicemail'?

Can you help please.

Hi Mike. They seem to be the same phone. I think the name only differs depending on which carrier you're getting it from. The Doro PhoneEasy 611 can be purchased from Tesco Mobile in the UK. The Doro PhoneEasy 612 on the other hand is available from Primus and Rogers in Canada, and O2 and eMobile in the UK.

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