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What are the best unlimited text plans in Canada and is Fido a good choice?

What type of messages (text, photo, video)cdoes the City Fido $35 plan include?

There are other options as well for unlimited text plans- let me know if you have already got your solution.. thanks

Fido answers

can you tell me your curent city ? we do offer 35 $ unl city fido avilable in large canadian city with unl sms international and unlimited incoming and outgoing voice talk this give you the freedome to talk with out worries!

30$ Price plan lets you unlimited incoming call
200 day time min
5 Pm to 7 Am unlimited and week-end
unlimited international sms
this plan is for all zone!
hope this help we offer reward program fido dollards every bill you pay we give you 5 % of the amount of fido dollards! hope this help hope to see you soon !

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